Foods That Help Build Muscle Fast

Many people ask themselves the question, “can I build or gain more muscle mass with less training?” The secret here is just in nutrition.  There are certain foods that help build muscle fast. Such a diet includes a variety of complete proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats for overall muscle development and growth. It’s a proven fact that complete proteins help in building and maintaining your muscles. Because of its high thematic effect protein, also helps in fat loss. Carbs, on the other … [Read more...]

How German Volume Training Breaks Workout Plateau

German Volume Training, also commonly referred to as GVT, is a training system that is often used by Olympic lifters, power lifters bodybuilders and even figure competitors to reach new training levels, break plateaus and pack muscle. Regardless of the reason that a trainer has in mind, the program is a simple but a brutal method for people who want to be successful in the world of weightlifting. Basically this training approach is not for the faint hearted as it involves strenuous workouts … [Read more...]

Diets For Men’s Physique Competition

No doubt, the months before a men’s physique competition are extremely difficult and require plenty of patience, perseverance and discipline. However, eating the right foods in the right proportion can help you look your absolute best on stage. The total amount of calories you eat from protein, carbs and fat can make a substantial difference and help you get into contest shape fairly quickly. The Tried And True Facts Of Getting Ready For The Men’s Physique Competition To help you on your … [Read more...]

Preparing For Men’s Physique Competition

They say, 'If you have it, flaunt it'. In the contemporary world, men's physique contests have become a rage and if you happen to have the right body, you may have won yourself the ticket to go places. Talking about the broad category of Bodybuilding and Physical competitions, Men's physique is relatively a new entrant. The Steps It Takes To Compete In Men's Physique Understanding Men's Physique A man's physique can be understood as the sum total of his muscularity, conditioning of the body, … [Read more...]

Incredible Benefits of Creatine

Creatine is chemical compound that is manufactured naturally in the body. The compound can also be obtained from certain foods and supplements. It was first identified in 1832 by Michel Eugène Chevreul, a renowned French chemist. Because of creatine’s ability to supply energy pretty quickly and effectively, it is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders. This supplement is favored among athletes because of its ability to produce energy rapidly, allow athletes to train harder, and improve … [Read more...]

No Non-Sense Muscle Building – Vince Del Monte

Like we need another muscle building book, right?  But this isn’t just ANY muscle building book, it’s the one that set the stage in 2007, leading the way for thousands to transform their body, losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass. Is It Worth What It Says It Is? Now, we understand you are at this site for real information, what works and what doesn’t.  That’s exactly what we give.  You may be on the particular page because you want to know if Vince’s No Non-Sense Muscle Building program is … [Read more...]

5 Simple Steps to Build Muscle

Read any forum online and you’ll be literally plagued with a vast amount of various ways to build muscle.  I mean, is it REALLY that complicated to prompt muscle development?  It surely can’t be when you see the newest guy in the gym growing like a weed in a matter of minutes. So, if you are tired of the way you look and the slow progress, if any, that you are making, tired of reading 100 different answers for one simple question online, and really sick and tired of all the runts joining the … [Read more...]

Ab Workout Tips For Women

As you step out of the shower you wipe off the steamed up mirror, your eyes move downward toward your stomach.  You look for your abs and just sigh. How the heck do you get in shape enough to show off your abdominal muscles anyway? Keep reading ladies because I'm telling you that this is achievable no matter what you may think.  Don't ever listen to that inner voice that haunts you telling you that you can't.  As the saying goes can't never did anything. I've seen many women transform … [Read more...]

Fat Loss Workout for Women

The new trendy fat loss workouts for women that consist of high reps using body weight only movements and going for the burn are just that, a passing fad.  Sure, the stylish metabolic resistance training workouts (MRT) may give your adrenalin a fired-up pump and you may feel the burn and may be sweating bullets, but are they really doing all you think they are? A typical MRT workout is generally a circuit such as:   Burpees – 30 seconds DB walking lunges – 20 (10 reps each … [Read more...]

Body Re-Engineering Review

Why Body Re-Engineering is the Secret Weapon to Achieving Your Fitness Goals... First, what I absolutely love about Body Re-Engineering is that it was personally created by a REAL guy, Hugo Rivera.  I mean, you can find his books in Books-A-Million, Barns and Noble, etc. Now, just because Hugo is muscle-bound and stacked doesn’t mean he was always like that. Noooo…  Hugo was actually an overweight child and throughout his teen years, due to peer pressure, he slipped into anorexia because he … [Read more...]