No Non-Sense Muscle Building – Vince Del Monte

Like we need another muscle building book, right?  But this isn’t just ANY muscle building book, it’s the one that set the stage in 2007, leading the way for thousands to transform their body, losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass. Is It Worth What It Says It Is? Now, we understand you are at this site for real information, what works and what doesn’t.  That’s exactly what we give.  You may be on the particular page because you want to know if Vince’s No Non-Sense Muscle Building program is … [Read more...]

Body Re-Engineering Review

Why Body Re-Engineering is the Secret Weapon to Achieving Your Fitness Goals... First, what I absolutely love about Body Re-Engineering is that it was personally created by a REAL guy, Hugo Rivera.  I mean, you can find his books in Books-A-Million, Barns and Noble, etc. Now, just because Hugo is muscle-bound and stacked doesn’t mean he was always like that. Noooo…  Hugo was actually an overweight child and throughout his teen years, due to peer pressure, he slipped into anorexia because he … [Read more...]