Ab Workout Tips For Women

As you step out of the shower you wipe off the steamed up mirror, your eyes move downward toward your stomach.  You look for your abs and just sigh. How the heck do you get in shape enough to show off your abdominal muscles anyway? Keep reading ladies because I'm telling you that this is achievable no matter what you may think.  Don't ever listen to that inner voice that haunts you telling you that you can't.  As the saying goes can't never did anything. I've seen many women transform … [Read more...]

Fat Loss Workout for Women

The new trendy fat loss workouts for women that consist of high reps using body weight only movements and going for the burn are just that, a passing fad.  Sure, the stylish metabolic resistance training workouts (MRT) may give your adrenalin a fired-up pump and you may feel the burn and may be sweating bullets, but are they really doing all you think they are? A typical MRT workout is generally a circuit such as:   Burpees – 30 seconds DB walking lunges – 20 (10 reps each … [Read more...]