Preparing For Men’s Physique Competition

They say, ‘If you have it, flaunt it’. In the contemporary world, men’s physique contests have become a rage and if you happen to have the right body, you may have won yourself the ticket to go places. Talking about the broad category of Bodybuilding and Physical competitions, Men’s physique is relatively a new entrant.

The Steps It Takes To Compete In Men’s Physique

Understanding Men’s Physique

A man’s physique can be understood as the sum total of his muscularity, conditioning of the body, shape, symmetry and an overall stage presence. This particular man's abs wearing jeanscategory should not be confused with ‘bodybuilding’ which is a different one altogether with its own rules and regulations.

Therefore, it is important to understand that though both categories may overlap to a certain extent, men’s physique is not about muscularity only. It goes much beyond. According to Craig Capurso, the IFBB Physique pro, ‘ It’s great to dream big, but it’s better to have a solid plan of action’. Here’s how you can achieve that.

Men’s Physique Competition Prep

Before you begin your preparation take out time for some research and absorb information about winners of previous men’s physique contests. It helps to check out their looks, attitude and personalities in general.

Read up on the advice given by veteran coaches. It is not necessary to mimic someone or follow his advice to a T. However, the information bank can give you a start and encouragement that you will need in your journey to that fitness ramp.

YouTube videos online can also help you learn about the sport and how to pose. Educate yourself on things like popular board shorts and their colors in various shows, and never shy away from asking questions from relevant people. Platforms like BodySpace can also come handy in your prep, interact and share experiences. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make big differences.

Three Crucial Things To Know About The Men’s Physique Contests : Your Guide To Stardom

Preparing for the competition means taking full command of one’s body in terms of appearance and function.

The Essentials Of Training

Aim for a symmetrical and well-developed upper body from both the front and the back. The calf-muscles should correspond with your body. If you can, hire a bodybuilder at beachprofessional trainer to help you with the workouts.

Take into account your specific needs and weaknesses before you begin weight training. One thing to keep in mind in the men’s physique competition is that the leg muscles do not need to be overly developed like the bodybuilders.  The quads won’t be judge solely, yet you should not overlook them in your weight training regimen for total fitness reasons.

Also, cardio is good to burn calories and shed off the extra body fat. Factors like your body-response, energy level and time will determine your cardio routine (high-intensity, low-intensity etc). With time and practice, you can set up the routine that works best for you.

Dieting To Lose Fat

You may either be a big guy who needs to get back in shape or you may already be in shape and need some work on your chest, shoulders and arms. To be rewarded with a muscle-dense and a classic body, be sure to have an optimum diet with high-quality protein, low to a moderate amount of carbohydrates and some healthy fat for overall balance.

Concentrate on eating a lot of lean meat such as turkey, fish, chicken, lean beef, etc. Have a nutritional plan nailed down and follow it ruthlessly. If you have to lose a considerable amount of body fat, check out the many fat-loss diets and pick the one that’s most suitable for your needs and goals.

Polish It Up With Nice Grooming

Since any competition is primarily related to comparison, you must stand out. Present yourself with confidence and be a gentleman. Choose a well-fitting pair of muscle guy in black shortsboard shorts that are eye catching. Smile and take pride in the effort that you put into your prep plan. Your personality will come through to the audience and the judges, so be what you are and make the most of the opportunity.

For all men who wish to compete in the Men’s Physique category, the name Mark Anthony Wingson is inspiration personified. Mark created history in the men’s physique category when he consecutively won IFBB (International Federation Of Body Builders) shows – La Pro Grand Prix, New York Pro and Orlando Europa pro Super Show. Hard work and belief in oneself is a deadly combination for it attracts success like nothing else. Get set to rock the men’s physique contest and take pride in showing off that body you gave your sweat and blood to build.

Get Prepared Easily And Quickly

Okay, you have the basics of what it takes to get ready and prep for the men’s physique competition.  Now it’s time to take action.  If you want to take the stage and stand out from the rest, you really might look into Brian Cannone’s Stage Ready Insider Tips.  Hey, this guy know’s what he’s talking about.  He’s a former competitor and THE biggest contest promoter in the East Coast!  Click On The Book Below to Get Stage Ready Now.

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