Fat Loss Workout for Women

The new trendy fat loss workouts for women that consist of high reps using body weight only movements and going for the burn are just that, a passing fad.  Sure, the stylish metabolic resistance training workouts (MRT) may give your adrenalin a fired-up pump and you may feel the burn and may be sweating bullets, but are they really doing all you think they are?

A typical MRT workout is generally a circuit such as:  

  • Burpees – 30 secondsflavia del monte
  • DB walking lunges – 20 (10 reps each leg)
  • Push-ups – 20 reps
  • Pulldown – 20 reps
  • Shoulder press – 20 reps
  • EZ bar curl – 20 reps
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Repeat 5 more times

That is quite a workout, but what are you actually accomplishing?  Well, for starters, it can burn a lot of calories and even increase your metabolism for a short time.  Those are the good points we all love.

However, MRT workouts do have their downfalls.  One result of continual metabolic resistance workouts is you can lose a lot of weight, and most of it muscle since the workouts don’t really challenge a specific muscle group for a set amount of time.  The MRT is more of an aerobic workout, something you can accomplish at Curves.

The end results if you stay on it for the long-haul is that you will eventually get smaller and softer, losing your muscle hardness.  You won’t be as strong and you will lose that sculpted look the women strive for.

Of course high-rep training has its place, but it needs to be done in accordance of actual weight lifting so the muscle targeted actually gets stimulated, not just put on a hamster wheel effect type of workout.

Typically, after about 6-8 weeks of doing MRT rigorously, your body will give up muscle to meet the demands of the high impact aerobic workout.  Also, the body loses muscle since it’s not being stimulated sufficiently to keep or even build new lean muscle.   What a rip!  You end up tired, soft, weak, and looking somewhat a skinny fat.

Once you burn out and stop, and realize the mistake and damage you have done, your body will have the trendy to gain weight since the metabolically active muscle you had is now gone.  All that pain-in-the-ass hard work for what?  More weight in the end?

How to Make MRT Work

While it’s not really new, just renamed, it’s called targeted metabolic resistance training. Competitors have been using it for YEARS to get lean and defined for competitions.

Variety Is The Golden Ticket

Here’s how it works.  Specific MRT workouts which target a specific body part to create a killer fat loss workout.  The plus to this is you get strong, you build muscle, you burn fat, and you get lean.  It’s a win-win situation. No more burnout leading to the skinny fat syndrome.

With targeted metabolic resistance training you continually change up the rep scheme.  You can toss your standard rep format out the window.  With Targeted MRT you will vary your rep range constantly so you target ALL the muscle fibers from growth and strength to fat burning and conditioning.

Targeted metabolic resistance training will use low reps in the 5-6 rep range as well as intermediate reps in the 8-10 rep range and even high rep training, in the 12, 15, and over 20 rep ranges.  In doing this, no muscle fiber goes untouched and you get to kill two birds with one stone.

Tricking Your Body

Your body loves homeostasis.  It doesn’t want to move out of its comfort zone.  So Targeted MRT pulls your body out of a standstill, and at the same time it prevents adaption.  Again, another 2-for-1 shot!

Also, when you continue to do the identical exercise over and over for the same amount of reps and weight and using the body format the body adapts. The outcome, your nervous system adapts to that routine and as a result, you hit a plateau and don’t see any more results.

Targeted metabolic resistance training change things up and keep your body off guard so it doesn’t adapt to any exercise, rep, or set scheme.  This allows you to build muscle and lose fat at an alarming rate.

The End Result

When you engage in Targeted MRT you get results.  You build muscle that creates sexy curves and it burns body fat like crazy.  You can use this type of workout format for every body part, and even those troublesome muscle groups.  Just by using this type of training style you can transform your physique in just 3-4 weeks tops.

Here’s What You Do

Now that you have some more insight on how a fat loss workout for women should look like, you need to give it a try.  I guarantee that you will look and feel better in just weeks.

Shay Smith

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