3 Rules for Fast Muscle Gains

If you ever walked down the street or the beach and felt like you were too skinny and needed more muscle, then I have some helpful tips for you so you can add muscle mass, get the ladies heads to turn, and be the “it” guy.  Hey, that’s not too much to ask for, now is it?

If you are that skinny guy who wants to gain rock-solid muscle and ripped abs, read on my friend because you are in luck.  It’s not as hard as you thought it was.

The Muscle-Building Fix – Do the following each week and you should start to see muscle gains in about 4 weeks.  Others will begin to notice in 8 weeks. You’ll be “DA MAN” in 12 weeks.  Deal?  Ok, let’s roll on.

fast mucle gains


Eat Enough (Not For The Reason You May Think)

Dude, you are going to have to eat enough to feed your super fast metabolism AND feed your muscle.  You see, your number one issue is the issue most women wished they had.  Your metabolism is on fire.  This is great, if you want to lose body fat, but you want to add mass.  So, let’s feed you some calories bro.

We don’t want to get too far ahead, so let’s take it in steps and tweak as needed.  This is to ensure you put on solid muscle weight and not extra fat weight.  Multiply your body weight x 16 to get a baseline calorie range to follow.  So, if you are 160 pounds that would be 160 x 16 = 2560 calories a day.


Eat More Protein (Meat Builds Meat)

You need to eat protein to build muscle.  When your body is able to retain protein, your muscles will grow larger.  It’s basic science, protein synthesis.  However, your body uses protein for all the body’s process, so it’s constantly being used.  When your protein reserves are used up, there is very little to feed the muscle to allow for growth.muscle building meal

So, eating several servings of protein throughout the day will combat this dilemma.  If you really need to pack on the mass, you might start off with 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.  So, if you are 160 pounds that would be 160 x 1.5 = 240 grams of protein.

Eating 240 grams of protein a day in meat, eggs, chicken, and fish can be quite challenging.  If you break that up into 6 meals a day, that’s 40 grams of protein per meal.  That’s a hunk of food right there.

For sake of being in the kitchen all day or eating all the time, you might invest in some of those handy Meal Replacement Powders which as a good serving of protein and carbs to provide decent calories.  You can even add milk, fruit or peanut butter to bump up the calories.


Train Heavy (Shocking… Be Sure To Read)

This is just too obvious.  Along with eating more calories and higher protein, lifting heavy weights is going to make your muscles grow like mad.  Now, just hitting them gym every day benching and curling 4 sets of 10 reps isn’t going to do the trick if you want mass gain.

You need to set a set training schedule, train 4-5 days a week and stick to it.  Train each body part once a week, and I mean train the hell out of it.  I don’t mean do a marathon of sets and reps.  Nooo…. You see, the muscle building trick is to hit the muscle HARD, yet Briefly.

You will see the biggest guys in the gym doing only about 3 sets in the 6-8 rep range.  Why?  They do it that way because it builds muscle and strength.  It’s really that simple.  But you have to lift heavy dude.  I mean that 6th or 8th rep has to be the failure rep.  Do that for 3 sets, and that muscle you trained will be beyond fatigued anaerobically-wise.

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