5 Crazy Tips To Increase Your Fat Loss

You look in the mirror and see a not-as-fit version of yourself.  You trained hard, but can’t see your actual muscle gain and definition from the layer of fat covering your body.

If you can relate, then you NEED these scientifically-based tips to start mobilizing that body fat so you can have that lean and hard body you’ve been striving for.

So, let’s go over some interesting ways to increase your fat loss so you can have that confidence.

burn fat to expose muscle

Eat Consistently (But Not Too Much!)

So, I tell you to eat consistently, but not too much.  WTF?  Is that an oxymoron or is this joker just a plain ole moron?

Answer: Neither!

Your eating habits are in direct relation to your current physique status.  Eating food is a good thing.  Your body digests the food and absorbs the nutrients so it can use them for building muscle and/or burning fat.  The very act of eating causes the body to produce energy via digestion and processing.

The kicker here is WHAT you eat.  The food you put in your mouth can either contribute to muscle gain, fat loss OR Fat Gain!  So you need to be careful how you structure your nutrition.

The common trend is to eat a small to moderate based meal every 3-4 hours.  This is to simply feed your body and muscles so they get a continual supply of nutrients for muscle building and fat burning purposes.

Will eating 6 small meals a day boost your metabolism?  Recent research kind of says no, but what it DOES do is keep your body constantly supplied with the nutrients it needs to do its job. If you restrict nutrients your body will get what it needs from your muscles, leading to muscle break down (catabolism).

By eating 5-6 meals a day you are able to eat enough calories to keep your muscle while you burn fat and this also enables your thyroid to stay active.  Your thyroid is your body’s metabolic thermostat, and you need to take great care of it by eating enough calories so you don’t depress it which can ultimately lead to gaining body fat.

Now you don’t have to sit down and eat 6 full meals.  You can break it up and have 3 sit down meals and 2-3 protein drinks.


Eat Your Protein (Metabolic Booster)

Most bodybuilders don’t have a problem with eating enough protein, but there are some that do because they are just unaware of how much protein they need on a daily basis to keep their hard-earned lean muscle mass and burn stubborn body fat.

The “standard” protein intake for most guys is about 30 grams per meal. That works on a basic level.  However, you might be better off eating about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.  So, if you are 160 pounds, then you need to eat about 160 grams of protein.

I would HIGHLY recommend making sure you have a complete protein in each and every meal you eat.  Your protein sources can include red meat, fish, eggs, poultry, protein shakes, etc.

Why is protein so important for fat loss?  First, by eating enough protein you keep your lean muscle mass.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.  Second, protein increases thermogenesis (heat production) much more than carbs or fat.

It’s simple.  Each macronutrient (protein, carbs, and fat) requires energy to digest in the body and to be absorbed in the bloodstream.  Protein uses the most energy to digest and absorb.

Many refer to this process as Diet Induced thermogenesis (DIT).  The DIT for each macronutrient is different, with protein having the highest.

DIT Breakdown for Each Macronutrient

Protein 25%

Carbs 5%

Fat 2%

Eating protein increases the body’s energy production more than the other macros. This is why it’s imperative have a complete protein in each meal if your goal is to increase fat loss.


Eat More Low Glycemic Carbs (Become A GI Joe)

The glycemic index (GI) is the rate that carbs convert to sugar as they enter the blood stream.

Low glycemic carbs are those that convert to simple sugar (glucose) more slowly as they enter the blood stream.  High glycemic carbs turn to sugar pretty quickly as they go into the blood stream.

When you eat carbs, it prompts an insulin secretion.  High GI carbs trigger a high insulin secretion while low GI carbs cause a low insulin secretion.

You can view carbs as a form of carb traffic control and use them to control your rate of fat loss.  The more low GI carbs you eat, the faster your fat loss will be.  Low GI foods tend to be filling, preventing you from overeating.

However, on the flipside, high GI carbs are GREAT for training to your maximum potential.  How you implement low and high GI carbs in your diet will determine how effectively you build muscle and lose fat simultaneously.


High Intensity Training (Missing Element)

High intensity weight training can increase the rate of fat loss and minimize muscle loss to a great degree.

To boost your weight training to make it more thermogenic, increase the number of reps you use and lower the rest time between sets.

An acceptable rep range would be in the 12-15 rep range and no more than 1 minute rest between sets.

This doesn’t necessarily mean to train light.  Choose a poundage in which you can complete 12-15 reps to complete failure.  If you are able to do more than 15 reps, you need to increase the poundage you are using.


Try A Fat Burner (As A Side, Not The Main Course)

In the last decade and a half the supplement market for fat burners have soared.  Sales on fat burners are in the millions, and climbing every year.

You need to be cautious.  With such a hot market, there are a lot of ineffective supplements on the shelves and a lot of scams online.  However, if you know what to look for you can find some very good fat burners.

Fat burners work best when taken sporadically and they can really charge up your workout, helping you to burn more fat faster.  Try taking a good thermogenic in the morning on an empty stomach.  After several weeks you can try adding another dose at lunch time.

Be careful to note how you feel and how your body responds when taking a fat burner.  Some thermogenics you can actually “feel” because they ramp-up your energy level.  If you feel jittery or nauseated you might try to lower your dosage.

Give these tips to increase fat loss a fair trial.  They will prove themselves to be effective.

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