EXPOSED: Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time?

Along with bodybuilding training and dieting, certain myths tend to plague the sport, and those myths can spread faster than the new flu virus strand.  One of those nagging myths that just won’t die is that you can’t build muscle and lose fat at the same time.myths-about-gaining-muslce-and-losing-fat

I’m here to tell you that information is 100% COMPLETELY, ABSOLUTELY, DEAD WRONG.  Not only that, I’m going to tell you why it’s wrong and how you can lose fat and build muscle simultaneously.

The Shocking Truth About Bulking, Muscle Gain, And Fat Loss

First things first; fat and muscle are two completely different tissues.  One’s growth (muscle) doesn’t necessarily affect the other’s loss (fat).  To keep things fair, I will sincerely state that you can’t bulk-up, which is basically fattening up, and lose body fat at the same time.  A bulk-up phase can include increasing one’s weight up to 20 pounds or more in just a month or two.

Everything you do to your body each day physically, and everything you put into your body every day has an effect on your ability to build muscle or lose fat.  The way you control these two factors is how you can build muscle and allow body fat to melt off at the same time.


Nutrition (Fat Loss Secret Weapon)

Your fat loss will come into play with proper nutrition.  A good starting point would be to eat a small, balanced meal every 3-4 hours.  This 3 hour feeding theory has been under some heat in the last couple of years, saying it’s ineffective for fat loss, but if you keep a steady supply of nutrients going to your body for fuel and building material, you can capitalize of fat loss by controlling cravings and binges, as well as keeping a positive nitrogen balance.  As “old school” as some may think the “eat aplate of chicken and veggies meal every 3 hours” thing is, it’s still backed by science.

Control body fat and lower it by controlling your calories.  You don’t to hardcore restrict them, but keep them around your BMR (body weight x 12).  That’s a good starting point.  Each meal should contain a complete protein and a complex carb OR a non-starchy vegetable.

Keep your complex carbs early in the day.  Try cutting them off about 3:00 pm for a few weeks and see how that works for you.  If you didn’t lose any body fat, try cutting them off around noon.

Don’t forget to include essential fat in your diet.  Avocados, salmon, cottage cheese, olive oil, etc. are all good choices for essential fats.  Keep refined foods, processed foods, fast foods, and sugar limited.  These are highly fattening foods and will destroy any effective fat loss endeavors.


Weight Training (Must Know to Grow)

It’s not shocker that you have to lift weights to build muscle.  Basically, when you are in the gym training, you are actually tearing your muscles down.  Yep, youbodybuilder doing shoulder presses are literally RIPPING them apart!  I’m sure that sounds pretty dramatic.  But what’s happening is actual muscle trauma.

More drama, right?  But, the good news is, those torn and damaged muscles will rebuild in just a few days to a week, and when they rebuild, they will be a little bit bigger and stronger.  When you train them again in another week you will repeat the tearing down process, and then the body’s natural muscle-building process will take effect again.  So slowly, over the course of weeks you are literally building bigger and stronger muscles.


Cardio (A Fat Loss Bonus)

Most people have mixed feelings about cardio.  Here’s the deal with cardio.  If after a month of eating the right diet and training you results are good to great, awesome, keep it up.  If not, add in 20 minutes of cardio 3 times a week for a few weeks and see how your body responds.

 hugo flexing

The Stuff You MUST Know

Ok, this is just a starting point.  If you want some REAL tips and secrets on how you can build rock-solid muscle that melts fat right off your body, I highly, and I do mean HIGHLY recommend you check out Body Re-engineering Bodybuilding System.  It’s by THE Hugo Rivera!  He developed and designed every part of it.

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